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JDJ Marketing Research, Inc.

We know keeping up with all those customers can be overwhelming, so let us help you with all your customer follow up needs! Give your customers the personal touch they love, while increasing your sales and productivity in the process! We cover all aspects of your customer follow up needs from start to finish! Including prospect follow up, sales follow up, delivery follow up, and appointment setting! Every program is customized to fit your needs. Let us know how we can serve you!

More about JDJ Marketing Research, Inc.

We are a dedicated group of people with more than 20 years of experience in the marketing research industry. All of our team members have great interpersonal skills that allows your customers to open up more and feel as though they're speaking to a close friend and not a pushy sales person. Our Friendly, unbiased approach allows us to obtain more information from the customers.

The information that we provide you, will turn into knowledge about your customers and the knowledge will produce a profit from additional sales. When correctly used, our program will help you produce a net sales gain.    

Customer Satisfaction Follow-Up Calls

 Our program is designed to enhance the follow-up activities of both salespeople and managers. It is not meant to replace their efforts! Give one of our many programs a try today!



  • Prospect Follow up (Phone – Internet – Walk-in)
  • Delivery Follow up
  • Open House Announcements
  • Appointment Setting
  • Sales Follow Up
  • Service Follow Up

Product Delivery

We will provide you with quality actionable data from every customer follow-up call on a daily basis.  We can notify you of customers that need immediate action taken.

We can also provide you with monthly reports that analyze the data for you. This can help you to make good business decisions in other areas of your dealership or sales center.